Introducing the easy bator 1 , 48 egg incubator

easy-bator 1 egg incubator

Easybator 1 is designed for small places like home and it is used to incubate from different types of birds. This incubator is equipped with high grade features.

hen: 48 eggs - quail: 120 eggs - partridge: 48 eggs - goose: 20 eggs - duck: 20 eggs - Pheasant: 48 eggs - Peacock: 48 eggs - Finch: 120 eggs - Canary: 120 eggs - Casco: 120 eggs - Bride: 120 eggs - Pigeon: 120 eggs - black Swan: 18 eggs - Flamingo: 18 eggs - Stork: 18 eggs

Power: 20 W
Voltage: 220 V
Egg capacity: 48
Brand name: Eskandari Industrial Group (EIG)
Control mode: Automat
Egg-turning: Automat
Hold big egg amount: 20
Hold medium egg amount: 48
Hold small egg amount: 120
Name: 48 egg incubator ( Easybator 1 )
Oxygen supply system: smart
Humidity controlling system: Full automat & Full digital with humidifier
Warranty: 1 year
After-sales-service: 10 years
Trays: 3 trays for all types of eggs
Exterior body made of: ABS
east-bator 1 Full inspection
This machine is the first generation of EIG home-incubators. It is full automatic and it can incubate from various birds. Systems and features in this incubator have high quality.
Let’s start with the best. SHT humidity sensor (Made in Swiss) is one of the best and well-known types in the world. This sensor is calibrated in Switzerland and it does not require recalibrating at all.
easy-bator swiss sensor
sht sensirion sensor
Easybator 1 is equipped with H3 board with SMD technology. H3 board has bird selecting system that makes incubation an easy task and needless of having experience.
This incubators’ body is made of ABS which is very both firm and elastic like; the reason is the polymers body is made of.
easy bator 1 Bird Selection
48 egg hen incubator Bird Selection
Easybator 1 has one year warranty and ten years after-sales-service. This incubator is equipped with Incubation date displayer which shows the information you need to know.
In order to make incubation an easy task, easybator 1 is equipped with bird selecting system (as I mentioned before). By using this system all you need to do is to choose the bird and then put the eggs in the incubator and that is it. Considering the bird you have chosen, the system will set and control humidity, temperature and oxygen; this is why using easybator 1 doesn’t really need experience.
easy bator Countdown
easy bator 1 Countdown
48 egg incubator body
easy bator one body
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48 egg incubator
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